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 Buttons to Bowls ~ Handcrafted from
Mahone Bay Nova Scotia Canada

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Bubble Gum Buttons
Standard 2 hole button in 6 sizes and 60 wonderful colors.Custom colors available.
  4 Hole Buttons
Chunky 4 hole buttons in 5 sizes.Satin finish with gloss borders.
4 Hole Deluxe Buttons
Fanciful deluxe 4 hole buttons comes in 3 sizes. Even the holes are glazed. Made one at a time.
  Matt Mottled Buttons
Matt mottled buttons in 3 sizes. Make an impression.
Luster Buttons

Specialty luster buttons.

  Spiral Buttons
Fun filled spiral buttons in lots of bright colors.
Thumb Buttons
Could also be called  a "worry button' as it's shape fits your thumb perfectly.
Satin to matt finish with gloss borders.
  Heart Buttons
Lots of heart buttons to chose from~ shapes,sizes and colors.Miniature to extra large and 3 dimensional circus hearts.
Moons and Star Buttons
Miniature to extra large moon & star buttons in lots of colors.Gift card bag by Alison Irwin.
  Cat Buttons
Cats in the round,3D,and embellishment cat buttons.I love cats!
Dogs, Paws & Bone Buttons
Dog bone buttons in 3 sizes,dogs & puppy with a bone buttons.
  Skull Buttons
Skull medallions,3D,sugar and alter ego skull buttons. All can be made into pendants.Go to the Contact us page.
Halloween Buttons
Ghost and bat buttons to halloween pumpkin buttons.
  Christmas Buttons
Angel,snowmen,santa,candy cane,gift,snowflake,and carrots for noses buttons.Lots of trees available.2 in 1 snowman or tree "pin and ornament kits" coming soon.
Cross Buttons
Extra small to large cross buttons.Larger ones can be made into pendants.Send us a message on the contact us page. 
  Bugs, Frogs & Gecko Buttons
Ladybugs,dragonflies,butterflies,frogs and gecko buttons.
Sheep Buttons
Sheep Buttons~3 sweater size sheep and lots of embellishments,in every color of the rainbow.
  Symbol Buttons
Peace,love,hope,trust,Om and ying yang buttons.
Nautical Buttons
Orcas,dolphins,fish,anchors,blue boat rounds,& more coming soon.
  Leaf Buttons
Peach to pear,3 dimensional leaves,pressed rounds,fall & red maple buttons.
Flower Buttons
From forget me knots,to poppies and buttercup buttons.
A must for the Victoria area where they garden year round.  
  Flower Pot Buttons

Terra Cotta pots to red,green,blue,pink,violet and royal blue sun pots.
Make your own garden year round.

I Love Pins
I love pins...hundreds of options.
If I can fit the letters on a pin blank ,you can order it at contact us!
No minimums.
  Zipper Pulls
Zipper pulls with skull beads to crystals and gorgeous blue mussels and black onyx. Buy two and make them into ear rings or a necklace.
Stitch Markers
A set of 10 with assorted knitting charms.Fits up to a 14mm knitting needle.
  Tibetan Silver Charms

Hundreds to pick from.Email me if you can't find what you need. Also in brass.

Sea Side Collection Tableware
Sea Side Collection Tableware-hand sculpted side plates and bowls to large deluxe platters.
  Bowls, plates & trays

Sushi trays to condiment dishes.

Soap Dishes and Utility Trays
Soap dishes and utility trays.
Keychains...beads and charms adorn this 1" ring. Each keychain comes with a sea star, mussel, quail, or "I love" cats or dogs,etc medallion.
Wall Art
Nautical wall art

Sheep Clock

Price $79.95 


Blue Bird Mobile

Price $16.95 


Snowflake Mobiles

Color options

Price $16.95 

Sea Side Welcome Mirror

Color options
Sea star color options

Price $74.95 


Dragonfly Mirror

Dragonfly color options

Price $74.95 


Tibetan Silver Condiment Spoon

Price $3.50 

Please call direct #250-888-5113 with any questions and discounts on shipping.


"Fall Maple Leaf Buttons"

I am originally from Liverpool , Nova Scotia. Shortly after finishing high school in 1976 , I headed from the east coast, to the west of Canada. It took a few years , and a profession as a Journeyman Chef, before I landed in beautiful Victoria, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

In 1988, I rented a studio in downtown Victoria next door to a potter,I was just looking for a space to be creative. I didn't know what I was going to do. I bought a bag of clay from the potter, Dave Gobin, and the  fever began. I started making little pins for kids that I painted with florescent colors and called them, "Hot Heads." Soon I progressed to a much larger scale. I now grew a passion for life sized masks. Somewhere in the middle of this frenzy, I rolled out about a 1000 or so little Terra Cotta buttons. They were just moved around and around in the shop and never really found a home. Several years passed and I saw some ceramic buttons in a major craft supply house.I now remembered my little Terra Cotta buttons that were looking for a home. I pulled them out and developed the idea a bit. 

I had inherited a set of 9 antique aspic cutters from my Grandmother, Annie Kelly, from Milton, Nova Scotia. I used them for my original buttons which I call my "Heritage Collection." The first time I took my buttons into a fabric store, Buttons-N-Bows, on Foul Bay Road in Victoria, I had them in a little basket. The shop owner, Lisa Burrowes, said, "If you can make hearts and stars, I'll buy them from you." I now have over 1700 different cataloged buttons with new ones being inspired daily. 

In 1995 I moved to Pender Island. It's one of the Gulf Islands off of the coast of British Columbia, a short ferry ride from Victoria. It's a very unique community. I refer to it as a step back in time ~ it's the real world here. I have a little shop called, "The Buttonladys Gallery"....drop by some time for a visit! 

My button inventory includes everything from life sized ladybugs to skulls and flames. The Christmas buttons are popular year round for stockings and advent calendars. I have a wonderful collection of sweater buttons that I call, "Bubble Gum" buttons. They come in 6 sizes and range in color from snow white to fun chartreuse, real orange, & turquoise, to fudge caramel and chocolate. 

I have a philosophy about my buttons. If you can dream it up, I will do my best to make it for you. I do a lot of custom work and that's why I now have so many different buttons.I have a long list of ideas which I'm sure will never run out. If you have an idea for something, just email me a picture with your required size and color and we'll go from there. If you need an exact color match, I find it best that you mail me a color swatch of fiber or fabric. 

My love for buttons has grown to a whole new dimension. It's exciting to check the kiln each morning to see rows of little pieces of wearable art. A plain outfit gets a face lift with the addition of a few special buttons. A single button can give a hat or a scarf that touch of pizzazz. Not to mention one of my "Jumbo Bubble Gum" buttons as an embellishment at the center your favorite pillow or cushion.

As an artist, it's hard to stay with only one idea. I'm always trying new things. I've played around with all kinds of mediums, it's just about endless. I always go back to clay with such passion. Sometimes I just can't make things quick enough as the ideas come fast and furious. The idea of making dishes is one that I do think is going to last for a long time. Living on the west coast, it's hard not to be inspired by the ocean and all it's glory. It provides us with food, and a palette of colors that I try to reproduce with my sea side sampler designs. I love opening the kiln and seeing the blood red sea stars and crabs, and the swirling lines I use to look like sea weed in the surf. I also enjoy the simplicity of a bowl that feels good under your finger tips with light impressions, and I hope you will too!

"Sea Side Sampler Wall Art"

"Wherever you put that special button...
it needed to be there !"

"Rock Cluster Soap Dish"

Wendy Dunnett ~ Artist & Button Maker

I bought my Harley Davidson with buttons. I often put a big bag of buttons on the back of my bike and go on a road trip. It's a dream come true. I feel like the "Pied Piper of Buttons!" I am now in my 18th year of making buttons and artwork I don't see an end in site!

I created a sea star and mussel design in the Fall of 2012 called the "Sea Side Collection." The collection includes everything from small salt and mustard dishes to jumbo platters.  My favorite is still the deluxe oval platter named after my brother Greg. Being a man of the sea he would have enjoyed the west coast inspiration. Due to it's popularity, this year I added a new category called "bowls, plates, and trays" . They come in lots of new sizes and colors. May your plate always be full!

Gregs deluxe oval crab platter in sea green luster.

A bounty of sea star bowls and salt and condiment dishes.

Cat on a Stick garden art


A Mosaic of Ceramic Buttons

~ buttonladysgallery.com ~ 

 Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, 


Established 1996